Organizational Chart For Management and Control of Programs

  1. Board of School Directors
  2. Superintendent of Schools
  3. Senior High School Principal
  4. Middle School Principal
  5. Athletic Director
  6. Assistant Athletic Director
  7. Head Coach
  8. Assistant Coaches

Duties and Powers of the Principal as Outlined by the PIAA

Responsibility of the Principal

The principal of each school, in all matters pertaining to the interscholastic athletic relations of his/her school, is responsible to the PIAA, as well as to the Superintendent of Schools and School Board. He/she may delegate some of these powers, but such delegations shall not relieve him/her of responsibility for any infraction, by his/her school, of the Constitution and by-laws of the P.O.E., the directives of the Superintendent, or the policies of the Board of School Directors.

Powers and Duties of Principal

The principal shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. To have control over all interscholastic athletic relations in which his/her school participates.  This applies to interscholastic athletics for boys and girls.
  2. To sanction all contests in which his school participates and to notify the Executive Director of the P.I.A.A. within 10 days if his/her school has entered a contest which he/she has not sanctioned.
  3. To exclude any contestants who, because of bad habits, or improper conduct, would not represent his/her school in a becoming manner, and also to exclude any contestant who has suffered serious illness or injury until that contestant is pronounced physically fit by the school physician or, if none is employed, by another licensed physician.
  4. To be responsible for the treatment of all visitors and officials attending contests conducted by his/her school.  Penalties may be imposed upon a member school whose principal fails to provide reasonable protection for officials and visitors at home games.  If a game is played at a neutral place, the principals of the participating schools shall be held jointly responsible for this protection.  In such a case, penalties may be imposed upon either or both of the schools.
  5. To see that all contracts in interscholastic athletic contests in which his school participates, are in writing and bear his signature or designee.
  6. All written contracts with officials shall be signed by the principal or designee or by one principal representing a league or conference.
  7. The principal or his authorized representative shall accompany his team to all contests.
  8. To be responsible for certifying in writing the eligibility of all contestants in accordance with the By-Laws of the PIAA.
  9. The principal shall have such other powers concerning interscholastic athletics within his school as are in keeping with the growth and needs of the school and which are consistent with the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the P.I.A.A., the directives of Superintendent of Schools and the policies of the Board of Directors.
  10. With the athletic director, jointly recommend to the Superintendent the hiring and retention of all staff personnel assigned to his or her building.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Athletic Director

  1. Organize and administer all interscholastic athletic programs in accordance with the stated policies of the District.
  2. Utilize approved procedures in recruitment, selection and assignment of coaches and other athletic staff members.
  3. With the respective principals, evaluate the performance of coaches and the effectiveness of program organization on a regular basis and make recommendations relative to reassignment or dismissal of individual staff members.
  4. Schedules and arranges for physical examination of athletes, practice sessions, gymnasium and field areas, league game schedules, league contracts, game officials, team physicians, police service and personnel for the management of home game services.
  5. Maintains open communications with staff, parent groups, the Booster Club and community either directly or through the administration on all aspects of the District’s athletic program.
  6. Arranges appropriate transportation and accommodations for coaches and athletes when competing away from home.
  7. Provides and enforces codes of conduct for coaches and athletes on and off of the field, at home or away.
  8. Ensure full observance of PIAA regulations related to every aspect of interscholastic athletic programs and competition.
  9. Prepares and administers the athletic programs budget, including the execution of requisitions for supplies, uniforms, equipment, maintenance of equipment and contracted services.
  10. Arranges appropriate accommodations for visiting teams, coaches and officials, providing gymnasium, locker room and field services appropriate to their needs.
  11. Maintains records for all high school squads or teams of contest results, individual and team awards or citations and athletic scholarships.
  12. Attends meetings of leagues, district associations and P.I.A.A. when appropriate.
  13. Supervise all pre-season and pre-game ticket sales.
  14. Performs such other duties as the needs of the District’s overall athletic program may require.

Duties and Responsibilities of Coaches

Head coaches shall:

  1. be responsible to the principal and athletic director for the supervision of the entire program, beginning at the Middle School level and have responsibility for all coaching duties of his/her sport, including the duties of the assistant coaches
  2. have responsibility for conduct of the team members on or off the playing field and during all road trips
  3. recommend to the athletic director equipment for purchase (coaches may not place their own orders for any equipment unless prior approval is given)
  4. observe the regulation that candidates for athletic squads be certified by both physician and parent before participating in any sports, either practice sessions or scheduled games or events
  5. be responsible for observing the rules of eligibility and sportsmanship as outlined by the P.I.A.A. and of any league in which his/her team is a participant and the District
  6. within 30 days of the completion of his/her season, he/she may meet with the athletic director and the superintendent or his designee(s) to review the past season and to make recommendations for the next season as to program, equipment, schedule and staff
  7. coordinate with the assistant coaches the basic program to be used in the Montgomery Area School District and be responsible to see that this program is carried out
  8. develop off season conditioning and strength programs
  9. to attend all league, district or state all-star voting meetings.  Any coach who fails to attend will be fined 20% of his/her coaching salary for the year
  10. to attend the mandatory PIAA rules interpretation meeting (if applicable).  Any coach failing to attend will be fined $100.00

Assistant/Volunteer assistant coaches shall:

  1. be responsible for the supervision of their respective coaching assignments and cooperate with the head coach in developing and maintaining the general conduct and discipline of the program
  2. be responsible to the head coach, principal and athletic director