Athletic Awards

An athlete participating in a PIAA sport must participate in a minimum of 50% of the varsity competitions to be eligible for a varsity letter. All others will be awarded a participation certificate. All athletes must complete the season to earn a letter or participation certificate. This is the minimum requirement for all athletes; coaches may establish higher standards for lettering.

Varsity Letters

  1. Participation Certificate
  2. Red Letter "M" (one only)
  3. Insignia for sport in which letter is won and bar for year(s) service

An athlete participating in a PIAA sport must participate in a minimum of 50% of the varsity competitions to be eligible for a varsity letter. All others will be awarded a participation certificate. All athletes must complete the season to earn a letter or participation certificate. This is the minimum requirement for all athletes; coaches may establish higher standards for lettering.


  1. League Championships
  2. District Champions – District and League Championship team members and coaches may apply jacket money towards a District Championship ring.
  3. State Championships
    1. Athletic
    2. Band/Chorus/Orchestra/OM
    3. First trip – jacket
    4. Two or more trips – plaque

Equipment and Supplies

It shall be the procedure of all persons responsible for issuing athletic equipment and supplies that no replacement of supplies will be issued to any athlete unless the original item is returned for either cleaning, laundering or reconditioning if applicable. All supply items should be laundered and reissued before any new stock is issued. Moreover, all supplies and equipment issued shall be returned to the school district at the conclusion of each sport season. Coaches will be responsible for informing their players of their obligation to the school district with respect to athletic equipment and supplies. No athlete may participate in any other sport until all equipment/uniforms are returned.

All equipment purchased by the Booster Club must be maintained by the Booster Club. Such equipment becomes the property of the school district.  Items costing in excess of $1,000.00 must be approved by the appropriate district administrators prior to the purchase.

End of Season Requirements

At the close of a sport season all boys and girls who have satisfactorily completed the season shall be listed and that list given to the athletic director so that the athlete can be given the proper credit and school recognition.

Coaches will submit to the athletic director an accurate and complete inventory of all equipment.

Coaches will submit requisitions for equipment and medical supplies for the following year no later than one month from the end of the sport season.


The Montgomery Area School District will provide insurance coverage for all participants involved in interscholastic activities.  All injuries occurring during the season should be reported immediately.

The following procedure should be followed:

  1. Report all injuries immediately to the coach.
  2. Coach should fill out an injury report form and return it to the athletic director and school nurse/trainer.
  3. The injured athlete should report injury to the school nurse/trainer and obtain all necessary insurance forms for his/her parent or guardian.
  4. Parent or Guardian should fill out forms where applicable. These forms and invoices should then be sent to the insurance company.
  5. Visits to Sports Medicine either at the recommendation of a trainer, coach, parent or student’s choice is to be paid by parent(s) insurance.


All officials will be assigned by the athletic director or league assignor after receiving the recommendations of the head coach. The coach will have the right to add or delete names from any list. In all cases, officials will be hired from an approved PIAA list.

Postponement of Games

If any game is postponed due to weather conditions or any other factor not conducive to good game conditions, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. The athletic director and coach will confer.
  2. Factors considered in the decision are:
    1. Playing conditions of the playing surface.
    2. Safe travel of opponents.
    3. Safe travel of officials.
    4. Safe travel of students and fans.
    5. Damage to playing surface.
    6. Factors involving gate receipts.

Preparation for the First Practice

  1. An announcement should be made over the school public address system for all students interested in trying out for the sport.
  2. A meeting shall be held for all students trying out for a sport in accordance with PIAA regulations. At this time the athletic director/head coach should explain what is expected and required of the athlete who plans to participate. Also, all should be told that if they quit a particular sport during that sport season they would not be permitted to participate in another sport during that sport season. The only way this can be changed is by obtaining a waiver from the coach of the sport whose team the individual left.
  3. If any additional boys or girls join a squad after the roster has been submitted, a supplemental list must be forwarded to the athletic director. It is the coach’s responsibility to contact the athletic director’s office and keep the eligibility roster and the team roster up to date.
  4. In accordance with the PIAA By-Laws, the athletic office will contact the school physician to set up a date for the physical examinations of athletes. If the student is not present at the time the physical is set up for or at the time of the make-up date, the athlete is responsible for obtaining a physical examination prior to competing.
  5. The starting dates for all sports are set by the PIAA.

School Attendance

A student must be in school by 8:30 a.m. in order to participate in an athletic contest/practice that day. An exception will be made if the student has an approved medical appointment; in which case, the student must present to the building administrator a signed statement from the doctor regarding the absence.

A student must be in school the last day of the week to participate in any non-school day competitions.

Concussion Management Protocol

Protective Equipment

All protective equipment such as football helmets will be properly fitted by coaches prior to the athletic season. Student athletes shall monitor the condition and fit of their equipment during the season. Any defect or misfit in protective equipment shall be brought to the coaches’ attention for immediate repair or replacement. There is no such thing as a “concussion proof” helmet, and football helmets are not intended to be used as weapons.

Baseline Testing

Montgomery Area School District utilizes the ImPACT testing program. This neurocognitive testing program aids in the assessment, management, and making return to play decisions in regards to concussions. To be most effective, athletes should have a baseline test performed every two years. Athletes participating in the following sports must have a valid ImPACT test prior to beginning regular season practice/games: football, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball

Any athlete with a history of a concussion (regardless of sport) shall have a baseline test as needed.

The baseline tests will be conducted by the athletic trainer.

Removal from Play

Any Student Athlete who exhibits any of the signs and/or symptoms of a concussion shall be immediately removed from play and may not return to play unless he/she is evaluated by an appropriate medical professional.

Individuals who may remove a student athlete exhibiting signs and/or symptoms of a concussion from play may include game officials, coach from the student’s team, licensed athletic trainer, licensed physician, licensed physical therapist, or other medical professional designated by the student’s school entity.  No student athlete evaluated by an appropriate medical professional and determined to have a concussion shall return to play/practice that same day.

Notification of Parent/Guardian

In every instance where a student athlete is removed from athletic participation for evaluation of a possible concussion, that student athlete’s parent/guardian must be notified.

Notification of school personnel

When a student athlete is diagnosed with a concussion, the athletic trainer will notify the school principal and school nurse. These individuals will be responsible for coordinating any schoolwork accommodations the student athlete may need.

Referral for Further Medical Treatment

It needs to be clear to all individuals that referral to an emergency medical facility is not to determine the presence or absence of a concussion. These referrals will be made to rule out life threatening conditions such as subdural hematomas or cervical spine injuries. Regardless of the diagnosis from the emergency medical facility, student athletes who are removed from play with a suspected concussion must see their family physician or the team/school physician for evaluation and written medical clearance before returning to athletic participation. Student athletes must also complete the return to play protocol as stated below.

Return to Play

Any student athlete determined to have a concussion must have written clearance from an appropriate medical professional before beginning the return to play procedures. This written clearance will be given to the athletic trainer to be kept with the student’s file.

After written clearance is given by a licensed physician, the student may begin a graduated return to play protocol under the direct supervision of the athletic trainer as directed by the referring physician.

Before starting the return to play protocol, the student athlete must be asymptomatic at rest for at least 24 hours. If neurocognitive baseline testing (ImPACT) was performed, the student athlete must have a normal post-injury test when compared to his/her baseline.
The graduated return to play protocol is described in Attachment 1 and will be individualized to the athlete’s sport/position requirements. Documentation of activities will be made using Attachment 2.

Each of the six steps of the return to play protocol shall take place on a separate day. If the student athlete has a return of concussive signs/symptoms at any point during the protocol, he/she will wait until they are asymptomatic for 24 hours before returning to the level of activity that did not cause symptoms and resume the return to play protocol. The physician who provided the written medical clearance shall also be notified.
(As per School Board Policy #123.1)

Anabolic Steroid Use/Abuse

The use of anabolic steroids, except for valid medical purpose, by any student involved in school-related athletics is prohibited.

First Violation - Suspension from school athletics for the remainder of the season.

Second Violation - Suspension from school athletics for the remainder of the season and for the following season.

Third Violation - Permanent suspension from athletics.

No student shall be eligible to resume participation in school athletics unless there has been medical determination that no residual evidence of steroids exists.

The above is outlined in District Policy #227.1.

Release Time


It is the policy of the Montgomery Area School District to minimize the number of times a student is given permission to leave class for extracurricular activities.  The time that students are to be dismissed for athletic activities will be decided by the principal after conferring with the athletic director.


Paid coaches will be released from teaching duties when it is necessary for them to accompany a team to an athletic event.


The athletic director will schedule all interscholastic athletic contests. The schedule will be developed in consultation with the building principal. As a member of several leagues and conferences, the athletic director is obligated to schedule all conference teams. Any schedule changes requested by a coach will be given every consideration. NO coach is authorized to schedule or reschedule an athletic event.


All scrimmage sessions must be sanctioned by the athletic director prior to their being held. All scrimmages will be governed by the amount of moneys allotted in the budget and the rules of the PIAA.

Meal Reimbursement

The school district will provide for reimbursement of meals during competition at the District finals and State level only. The rate of reimbursement shall not exceed $10 per student athlete.

Season Tickets – Complimentary

Complimentary tickets to the Montgomery Area High School interscholastic athletic events shall be distributed by the athletic director and shall be restricted to the following recipients:

  1. Members of the coaching staff and spouse.
  2. Employees of the school district, administration and members of the school board.

Sunday, Holiday and Inclement Weather Practices

  1. There will be no Sunday practices unless approved by athletic director or building principal.
  2. When school is closed due to inclement weather, all school practices and scheduled events are cancelled unless approved by superintendent.
  3. If early dismissal is caused by inclement weather, all practices are cancelled for that day. The severity of the weather could also cause the postponement of the scheduled events on those days. The athletic director will use judgment in the postponement of these events.

Summary Report

Coaches will submit to the athletic director written summaries of their activities at the close of each sports season.  They should be submitted one week after the close of the season.

Summary reports should include the following:

  1. Number of players starting the season
  2. Number of players ending the season
  3. Number of games
  4. Number of games won, lost or tied for varsity, junior varsity and junior high
  5. Program changes proposed for the next season


All buses will be scheduled by the athletic director. The coach and the athletic director will discuss the itinerary necessary for all trips. It is the responsibility of the coach to have members of his or her squad ready to board the bus at the designated time. All coaches must exercise control and maintain proper supervision of their squads at all times.

All team members must travel to and from events on the bus. An athlete may with written permission from the building principal or their designee travel home with their parent(s).